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We are excited to have the Bear Lake Monster Cardboard Boat Regatta again this year! Sign up now to enter your vessel made entirely of cardboard into this FUN race. It is $30 per entry which includes 1 Winterfest hoodie. Awards will be given for the most creative design, the “prettiest” boat, and more! Enter soon, only 30 slots available!

The race will take place in waves and will be assigned at check-in. Age categories will be assigned at check-in.

Build your boat at home and bring it, or come build your boat Friday night between 5-8pm at Sunrise Resort. Cardboard & Duct Tape will be provided.

For more information contact us.

This event will be live streamed on Facebook!

IMPORTANT: Each participant MUST sign a waiver (or have a guardian sign) to complete registration and to be on the list of participants. 

Here are the rules:

  • • All boats must be built of corrugated cardboard (boats that look suspicious will need to pass a metal detector test)!
  • • Paddles/ores are also to be made of cardboard; NO MOTORS ALLOWED!
  • • The only fastening materials that may be used are tape and glue
  • • No part of the boat proper may be constructed of materials other than cardboard
  • • The boat may be waterproofed with one-part substance paint
  • • The boat may not be wrapped in plastic
  • • Duct tape may be used on the seams of the boat only
  • • Max 2 people aboard the boat
  • • Everyone aboard must have a proper functioning qualified life preserver or PFD
  • • Each participant must sign a waiver (or had a guardian sign)

Be Creative!!!

Get a crew together, decide on a theme, and let your imagination run wild! Participants allowed in the boat are those who have helped construct the boat!

Here are some tips:

  1. Design your boat; use cardboard, paper, paint, duct tape, and glue – use any theme you want.
  2. Do the bottom of the boat first. It is suggested to use 2 or 3 layers of cardboard glued together. Weigh it down while it sets.
  3. Cut side pieces of corrugated cardboard to ensure durability. Use the dull side of a knife when scoring to make a fold. This makes it easier to bend pieces into proper shape.
  4. Glue sides to bottom. Make sure to let the glue set.
  5. Have FUN! Laugh an evil laugh while you are constructing your boat, saying aloud that your boat is going to be better than everyone else’s! That your boat is going to WIN!!!
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